Lawn Substitute: Kidney Weed (Dichondra Repens)

On Arch Gully we currently have approximately an acre of lawn. So much lawn translates to far too much time required to mow. In an effort to minimise the time, effort and emissions lawns require we are aiming to replace as much as possible leaving a few sections for play areas.One alternative I’m looking into, specifically around pathway pavers is an Australian native called kidney weed (dichondra repens). Kidney weed is a fast spreading ground cover that grows vigorously if watered regularly. It prefers full sun but can grow in up to 80% shade and requires no maintenance once established. With a bit of awareness you can prevent it from becoming invasive around borders. It isn’t suitable for commonly walked in areas so more ideal between pavers or land that isn’t used such as steep slopes.At this stage in attempting to propagate some to spread around footpath pavers for my vegetable garden. Stay tuned to see how it goes!

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