Shampoo substitute: Aloe Vera


Lately I’ve been reading “Green made easy” by Chris Prelitz and was inspired to try making a homemade shampoo, not one listed in the book but that I’ve come across in my internet browsing. It’s a pretty basic Aloe Vera gel rinse to add a bit of moisture to my hair.

I’ve been fairly “no poo” for a few years now but every now and then I end up using a shampoo to give a deeper clean so going forward I’d love to find a zero waste substitute.

The process was fairly simple, I cut a large outer leaf off an Aloe Vera plant, waited 10 mins for the yellow aloin sap to drain out. Then I took a sharp knife and removed all the green outer till I was just left with the clear gel. I blended with some homegrown Kassia lime as a preservative.

The final concoction was quite a thick slimy odourless mix that felt like a masque going into my hair. It has left my hair feeling quite nice and I quite liked the moisturising effect on the rest of my skin as I washed it out too. Time will tell how long it lasts for and whether it is something I’ll regularly add to my hair care but at this stage I will likely do it again in the future!

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