Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Since our rural move we have had to become cautiously aware of our perishable food supplies. Our nearest supermarket is a 30 minute drive away making getting groceries a potentially costly affair. To limit this i try and get a large home delivery order once a month. Having young kids, yohurt is a staple in our fridge but in the process of trying to reduce our waste I began contemplating making our own. I know you can buy the easiyo mix and machine but they arent too much cheaper than store bought yohurt and I dont like the idea of another single use tool cluttering up my kitchen cupboards.

Enter my solution. Yogurt made in a thermos, using either stater yogurt or a small amount of an easiyo sachet. I use milk powder instead of UHT reducing the overall waste and also preserve limited shelf space while letting the UHT last a bit longer, extending the time between deliveries.

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