Snake Bean Baked Beans

Are you wondering what to do with dried snake beans? Why not try this snake bean baked beans slow cooker recipe?

Mango Jam Recipe

Too many mangoes? why not try this recipe for Mango Jam to free up your mango glut!

9 Zero Waste Organic Processing Techniques

One of the permaculture principles centres around the idea of producing no waste,Β or alternately,Β  finding uses for waste byproducts.Β  Overall it makes sense both environmentally and financially to try and process your own waste into something usuable. Under that idea I’m going to highlight the pros and cons of each style of handling organic waste…

Handmade Bread Recipe

Living a little bit rurally where we do can make it a bit tricky to have access to fresh affordable food staples, while I won’t bore you with my life story and how the discovery of this bread recipe is a game changer/life saver/… Insert whatever stereotypical food blog trope here… I will say I’ve…